REFLECT is a cloud-based tool for gathering clinical data on electroconvulsive therapy. Use it to collect information about every aspect of the treatment process and choose whether to share your data with other sites to gain useful insights and optimise treatment outcomes.
From onset to outcome
Record data about patient demographics, diagnosis, and treatment. Past treatment can be documented and REFLECT is pre-configured with rating scales for mood and cognition.
REFLECT's interface has been designed to support multiple languages. It opens in English, French, Dutch, Thai, Spanish, Japanese, Afrikaans, and German.
REFLECT is hosted in an enterprise-grade data centre and is protected by 512 bit security. You have full control over the users who can access your account.
Because REFLECT sits in the cloud you can use it from any device in any location without installing any software. It opens on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
A comprehensive database
REFLECT supports every treatment setting and all mood and cognition rating scales. Additional rating scale options can be added to the interface as needed.
Powerful reporting
You can easily export your data in comma-separated format for off-line analysis in Excel. Otherwise, use REFLECT's own reporting features to interpret your data.
Built-in data mining
The aim of REFLECT is to gather information about mood and cognitive outcomes for patients treated with electroconvulsive therapy and to improve clinical decision-making for patient sub-populations.
For further information about REFLECT please contact:
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